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New 2016 Brochure is Here–So Much to Do!

CLICK HERE TO SEE THE NEW BROCHURE!                 The new 2016 brochure is in and Aikido for Kids is back, along with a bounty of new offerings…. Kido 4 Kids is a self-defense focused martial arts system for kids ages 7 to 13.  Children learn a variety of simple self defense techniques.  Class time focuses on developing a physical set of “tools” for each child to use in the event of a physical confrontation.  Kids learn escaping from hold downs, releases from grabs, and the scientific use of striking as related to self defense.  Young people also learn how to fall safely.  Class includes training on evaluating potential threats and the appropriate responses to physical violence in the real world. There will be an open house on Monday August 1st from 4:30...

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KRU Summer Camp Fun June Schedule

Get ready for summer fun all you kiddos! Kids Rock University is starting its summer camp programming and the June calendar is ready to go, so check it out here. Kids Rock University offers summer and school-year programming…. Our After-School and Fun-Friday Programs offer a variety of recreational activities that are designed to present challenges, incorporate values, and teach lessons that will contribute to a successful lifestyle. KRU staff are trained and certified in First Aid and CPR. In addition, it is each staff member’s goal to maintain a consistent, safe, healthy and nurturing program environment, with each being responsible for a maximum of 15 children at any given time. During the school year, KRU is held at KRU Clubhouse at 409 B St., Monday – Thursday 4:00 pm to 6:30 pm. Adventure Fridays and In House Fridays are...

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Softball’s Hidden Gems—Register Your Team Today

Softball often gets construed as baseball’s little brother. It doesn’t quite have the national following garnered by the MLB, it doesn’t quite have that air of American nostalgia or the famous names that have become bigger than life for so many. But in a way, what it’s lacking produces the allure. Without the baggage of an intense national following, it seems more approachable for those who may have never played and it still has that foundational competitive spirit. And it is just plain fun. The birth of this beloved sport came shortly after a Yale and Harvard football game when a Yale fan threw a boxing glove at a Harvard fan. The Harvard fan grabbed a stick and struck the glove…. This was followed by the shout of “play ball,” from a man named George Hancock, and the first...

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How Resilient Living and Homesteading can Heal the World (Kind of)

By Dan Smith Perhaps the title of this piece seems overly optimistic, sensationalist or naive–I’m not totally without my own doubts–but I like to dabble in optimism from time to time. So I’m going to present my case, and you of course, can decide its merit… If I had to pick the dominant theme of our national and global discourse, divisiveness would win the day. Politics, race, immigration, economics, terrorism, environmental issues, civil rights, and  [insert one of infinite conflict-laden issues here] all seem to have everyone at each other’s throats. And our ideological schisms become further inflamed by a media industry that encourages mindless bickering absent of critical thought. Presidential elections never help the situation.  But amid the derisive atmosphere, a burgeoning movement bubbles below the surface. A momentum of minds and hands that hold the promise of...

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Toys for Tots Claims a Storied Past

Dan Smith Take part in a unique story this holiday season… Few true stories begin with a Marine and a toy doll. These two elements sit juxtaposed in the collective psyche—the symbolic innocence of a child’s toy and the hardened veneer of a soldier. But in 1947, the unlikely meeting of these forces catalyzed the launch of an organization committed to the joy of boys and girls around the country during the Christmas season. It all happened a couple years after the end of WWII. At the time, a substantial portion of the nation’s children were fatherless victims of the recent war. And in Los Angeles, CA. a woman named Diane Hendricks hand-crafted a Raggedy Ann Doll that would help bring comfort to thousands of those struggling children, and millions more in the years to come. She passed the...

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