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Basketball With a Brand New Look

We’re proud to announce our new Sport Court! See below for details about our Grand Opening. Our new court is far more than just a basketball court – in addition to quality materials, we also will have the ability to play more sports, including Badminton, Volleyball, and Pickleball. Sport Court of the Rockies built our court, using foot by foot tiles that are engineered and made here in the USA. The tiles are a high impact polypropylene copolymer, and have a unique shock absorption technology that protects against head injuries and concussions from low heights. The Lateral Forgiveness™ grid technology has double-tier shock absorption which lessens impact while providing the best protection against abrasion of any outdoor court surface, and also reduces joint strain and fatigue.   The shock absorption doesn’t effect dribbling though, as the PowerGame™ court has...

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Peter Cottontail Returns Saturday, April 15th!

Last year’s Easter Egg Hunt was on a very snowy day! No matter, the show must go on – so we moved inside, the Park & Recreation kitchen for the youngest age, and the Aspen Mine center for the middle two age groups. The oldest kids were, as usual, in the upstairs fitness center for their glow-in-the-dark hunt. Each age group has color coded eggs, hidden in specific age group areas, so there’s no mix ups of older kids picking up easily spotted eggs meant for little ones. To be fair within the ages, we count the number of kids per age group to decide how many eggs each kid can pick up, so no one can hog them all. Once they find their eggs, they head to the arena to swap eggs for prizes and take pictures with...

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Easter Make & Take – Egg Decorating for Adults

Not interested in the staining dyes or messy paints, but still want pretty eggs to display this year? Come join us for April’s Make & Take class, Washi eggs! These may be a little more time intensive than our previous projects, but just as easy. The decorative paper is called Washi paper, and it’s similar to scrapbook paper but a little thicker. The paper is cut in a special way to wrap around the egg without too much bulk keeping the top and bottom from looking pretty. The paper is glued on, and once dry, coated with layers of varnish to make it much sturdier than a normal egg. This makes these eggs great for Easter hunts (reusable!), Christmas ornaments, or year-round decorations!   Since the eggs need to dry between certain steps, this class will be a two...

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Make & Take Your Own St. Patrick’s Day Cheer

  St. Patrick’s Day is a fun holiday, one to enjoy and celebrate without the rush of cooking and guests that other winter holidays come with. Parties are relatively low-key, decorating is enjoyable, and outfits are silly. Have fun preparing for the day with our St. Patrick’s Day craft classes! Our first class will be this Friday night, March 10th, 5:00pm to approx. 6:30pm, and the project will be Leprechaun Lip Balm. While colored green, with gold edible glitter for a silly touch, the lip balm does go on nearly clear, so no worries of looking sickly. The lip balm is beeswax based and everyone will be able to make their own individual tube, so you can customize as you like with color and extracts. We’ll have a couple extract options available, though they add more scent than flavor...

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KRU Calendar March 2017

The March calendar is out! We’re looking forward to many creative St. Patrick’s Day activities, plus a fun week of Spring Break! The trip this month is Cici’s Pizza and Glow Golf – wear white to glow in the black lights! Celebrate the end of winter with us with a Pancake Breakfast on the last day of the month! Full March Calendar...

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First Archery Tournament of the Year

Our first Indoor Archery Tournament of the year is coming up on Saturday, March 11th! For fair competition, competitors will be separated by age, gender, skill level, and type of equipment. The shooting distances will also vary by age, younger archers shooting at closer targets than older archers. The first group will shoot 1:00-3:00pm, and the second group will shoot 3:00-5:00pm – call John at 689-3514 to sign up and pick your time slot! There will be prizes for all classes, but more importantly, it’ll be a great day to have fun and meet people with the same interests! If you don’t feel you’re competition ready, John has classes available – he is a Certified Level 3 Instructor through USA Archery, so he’ll be sure to teach you something no matter your experience level! Classes are $5 per hour,...

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