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Community Greenhouse

Grow flowers and veggies in the community greenhouse for only $5 per month. Space is approximately a 100 gallon bin, we provide the soil and you can tend your garden when it is convenient for you. Meet other gardeners and learn tactics to grow a bountiful harvest in our unique high altitude climate.

This year we have added new organic compost and soil to all bins and we also have added a sprinkler system which you can choose to take advantage, but you can also water yourself if you prefer–or a combination there-of.


2016 Greenhouse Bin Assignments



This year we have added a sprinkler system to the greenhouse. The sprinklers will be turned on for 30 minutes on Thursdays, Fridays, Saturdays and Tuesdays. This is not a total watering solution and you will still have to spot water your plants as there will be dry patches here and there in every bin. If you want to just water your own bin and not use the sprinklers, just close the top nozzle completely to the right and pull them out of your bins. We will not be moving the sprinklers, so you can place them wherever you want in your bin, but it will be up to you to adjust their location in your bin as needed.