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Fitness Membership

Daily                             $3

1 month                       $14

3 months                     $36 ($6 savings)

7 months                     $72 ($26 savings)

10 visit punch card    $20

Fitness Membership Form

Start by doing what is necessary, then do what is possible, and suddenly you will be doing the impossible. So if you want to achieve the impossible get motivated now by seeing what we have to offer through great equipment and a friendly environment. We are excited to announce we have added a Nexersys machine that offers a new, fun, exciting way to get a high intensity workout by using striking, gaming, sparring, technique and core training. You can also schedule a personalized fitness orientation to better learn the equipment and design a workout program designed to fit your needs.

Individuals ages 13+ are welcome to become fitness members (13-15 years old are to be accompanied by an adult and 13-17 year olds require a signed parental permission).

Corporate Membership

$600 per year–Includes all Employees

The importance and benefits of exercise has become so great that many companies have now started their own corporate fitness programs to help lower insurance costs. The main reason companies start a corporate fitness program today is because it helps prevent health issues by reducing claims by employees which in turn, saves lots of money for the company. These corporations realize that there is a link between the prevention and the investment of health in their staff. In addition to increased productivity and a reduction in the number of absenteeism, a corporate fitness program generally raises the company morale and camaraderie among corporate fitness members.


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